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64 s u m m e r 2 0 15 | A Richard Mille watch is extravagant, technical and expensive – all by-products of the founder's uncompromising spirit K anye has one. Jay-Z has one. Natalie Portman has one. rumour has it that billionaires use them to spot each other, though not all billionaires have one – just the cool ones. With an average price of half a million us dollars, a richard mille timepiece has become a coveted status symbol, garnering the wearer instant admiration and respect. The young, cutting-edge horology house has quickly established a reputation for the avant-garde, scaling the heights of luxury in just 14 years. But success is only half the story. While richard mille no doubt enjoys the glamour of being a fêted watchmaker (the 64-year-old Frenchman is often snapped rubbing shoulders with his elite clientele at society events around the world), behind the facade is a watch enthusiast who simply wanted to make his dream machine, regardless of obstacles and cost. mille, who rose through the ranks on the business side of the watchmaking world, has always been something of a maverick. His role for much of the 1990s as head of the watch division for venerable French jewellery company mauboussin never quite chimed with his personal aspirations, and so in 1999 he struck out on his own. mille's ambitious were, on the face of it, modest: he only intended to create one timepiece. But it had to be a fantastic watch of the highest technical wizardry, unfettered by production costs, tradition and the considerations of corporate branding. In 2001, the rm 001 was born, and it was a revelation; fusing for the first time technologies of the aerospace industry and Formula One with high watchmaking, mille had tapped into a desire for authentic horology that was at the cutting edge of science. Today, the brand boasts more than 60 models. The most talked-about are made with materials so light and strong, designed for conditions so extreme, that they Mille's AheAd watches

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